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Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Kunya: Abu Ammaar
Name: Yasir Qadhi (Kazi)
City of Birth: Houston, TX
Current Residence: New Haven, Connecticut
Education: University of Houston, Islamic University of Medina, Yale University, Sitting in halaqaat with the shuyookh

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi was born in Houston, TX. He completed his primary and secondary education in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He finished his Hifdh of the Quran at an early age. He completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Houston in Chemical Engineering. After completing his studies at the University of Houston, he was accepted into the Islamic University of Medina.

At the Islamic University of Madinah, he pursued a Baschelors of Arts degree in Hadeeth from the College of Hadeeth and Islamic Sciences, and followed it up with a Masters in Islamic Theology (Aqeedah) from the College of Dawah. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at Yale University and is residing in New Haven, Connecticut.

Currently Yasir Qadhi is an instructor at the AlMaghrib Institute, which provides double weekend intensive seminars across the US and Canada. Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's curriculum is primarily composed of seminars in the topic of Islamic Theology (Aqeedah) with the AlMahrib Institute.

Apart from teaching with the AlMaghrib Institute, he holds weekly classes in Houston during the summer vacation. In the Summer of 2005, the topic of the classes was Seerah: Lessons and Morals form the Makkan Period. The recorded lectures of this series can be purchased at Muslim Audio. The topic for the Summer of 2006 is, inshaAllah, Seerah: Lessons and Morals from the Medinan Period, a continuation of the previous series of classes.

Some of the works written by Yasir Qadhi are:
Riyaa: Hidden Shirk (Buy Here!)
An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur'an (Buy Here!)
An Explanation of the Four Principles of Shirk (Buy Here!)
Du'a : The Weapon of the Believer
(Buy Here!)
15 Ways to Increase Your Earnings from the Qur'an and Sunnah (Buy Here!)
Asmaa bint Abee Bakr (booklet)
Safiyya bint Abd al-Mutallib (booklet)

Along with written works, Yasir Qadhi has a plethora of lectures available for free download online and that can be bought from Islamic Audio companies like ILMQuest, Muslim Audio, and Eman Rush.

Free Lectures for Download:

  1. Blessings of Seeking Knowledge
  2. Sharh Kitab At Tawheed (18 parts)
  3. Fruits and Benefits of Iman
  4. Going Back to the Qurân and Sunnah
  5. Tawheed Ar Ruboobiyyah (2 parts)
  6. Angels
  7. Day of Judgement
  8. Ettiquettes of a Student of Knowledge
  9. Duâ: Weapon of the Believer (9 parts)
  10. Fiqh at Tahaara and Salaat (6 parts)
  11. Fiqh az Zakaat
  12. Fiqh as Siyam
  13. Fiqh of Marriage (4 parts)
  14. Fiqh of Divorce
  15. Fiqh of Jumuah and Janaazah
  16. Legal Status of the Sunnah (3 parts)
  17. Sciences of Fiqh (2 parts)
  18. Sciences of Hadeeth (2 parts)
  19. Tafseer Surat Yusuf (15 parts)
  20. Meaning and Ways of Tazkiyah
  21. Story of the Ifk (The Slander of Aisha) (4 parts)
  22. Usul Al Hadeeth (6 parts)
  23. Refuting Attacks Against Islam (6 parts)
  24. Battle of Uhud (2 parts)
  25. Critical Analysis of Shirk (3 parts)
  26. Treaty of Hudaibiyyah (2 parts)
  27. Love for the Prophet (Sal Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)
  28. Importance of Akhlâq
  29. The Man of Two Gardens (Tafseer part of Surat Al Kahf) (2 parts)
  30. The Qurân and the Orientalists
  31. Blessings of the Qurân
  32. The Miracles of the Qurân

Lectures available for Sale:
  1. Basic Fiqh (8 CDs)
  2. Responding to Allegations of Male Chavinism and Women in Leadership Roles (2 CDs)
  3. The Story of Two Gardens
  4. Miraculous Nature of the Quran
  5. Blessings of the Quran
  6. Fruits of Iman
  7. Basis and Importance of Unity (2 CDs)
  8. O My Dear Son
  9. Take 5 Before 5
  10. Face of Fitnah
  11. Description of the Prophet (Sal Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)
  12. Building Bridges of Understanding (2 CDs)
  13. II Shahaadas (6 CDs)
  14. Dua': Weapon of the Believer (5 CDs)
  15. The Mahdi: Between Fact and Fiction (4 CDs)
  16. Farewell Advice of the Prophet (Sal Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) (2 CDs)
  17. An Explanation of the 2 Shahaadas (9 CDs)
  18. Characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)
  19. Ideal Muslim Father: Based on Luqman's Advice to his son
  20. Life of the Prophet (SAW): Lessons and Morals - Makkan Period (13 CDs)
  21. Oh Allah! Forgive Me
  22. Surat Al Hashr:Tafseer Verses 18-23
  23. Tafseer Surat At Takathur
  24. Take advantage of 5 before 5 and I have only come to perfect good manners
  25. The Leadership Role of Muslim Women
  26. Marriage and Divorce: The Islamic Way (5 CDs)
  27. The Judgement Day

Articles by Yasir Qadhi:
  1. Definition of Riya'
  2. Causes of Riya'
  3. Warning Signs of Riya'
  4. The Best Rememberance
  5. Dua and its Relationship to Destiny
  6. The 'Return' of the Qurân
  7. The Interpretation of the Quran (Tafseer)
  8. The History of Tafseer
  9. Uloom Al Qurân #1 - Defining Tafseer and Ta'weel
  10. Uloom Al Qurân #2 - The Necessity and Importanc eof Tafseer
  11. Uloom Al Qurân #3 - The History of Taseer
  12. Uloom Al Qurân #4 - The Compilation of Tafseer
  13. Uloom Al Qurân #5 - The Principles of Tafseer: The Qurânic Context
  14. Uloom Al Qurân #6 - Tafeer Through the Sunnah
  15. Uloom Al Qurân #7 - Tafseer through the Statements of the Companions
  16. Concept of the Kalaam of Allah
  17. The Quran as the Kalaam of Allah
  18. On the Muhkam and Mutashaabih
  19. On the Haqeeqee and the Majaazee
  20. A Refutation of the Asharees


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Please note that some of the lectures mentioned in the free to download are copyrighted such as dua the weapon of the believer

3/17/2008 10:39 PM  
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5/04/2009 5:08 PM  
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